Time & Attendance Solution Customized for a Hospital Sector Client


The client is a prominent player in the Hospital industry and specializes in Orthopedic & Arthritis Care. With a strong commitment to providing top-notch healthcare services, they are dedicated to addressing the unique medical needs of their patients and staff in healthcare. However, they were facing certain challenges related to time and attendance management, which made them seek an innovative solution from us.

The Problem Outline:

In the unique environment of the Hospital industry, our client, specializing in Orthopaedic & Arthritis Care, faced several challenges. They relied solely on eSSL Hardware for attendance tracking but managed shift allotment manually using Excel sheets. Overtime (OT) payments were made weekly, requiring a separate Duty Register. Managing multiple shift requests and permissions efficiently was becoming increasingly problematic. The manual tracking and updating of attendance data made it challenging to ensure hours were completed as needed by the staff.

The Solution Summary:

To address these challenges, TIMECHECK proposed a comprehensive Time and Attendance solution. The key objectives were to integrate and centralize attendance management, streamline the communication between the Head of Departments (HODs) and HR, and reduce manual work. The solution provided a web-hosted platform with various attendance input options, including Biometric and Face Recognition devices, as well as Manual Entry. It offered a clear and dynamic attendance policy management system, adaptable from one department to another, with support for different shifts and compensation policies. Some of the key features are:

  • Exclusive platform to manage the deployed employee’s time and attendance effectively with various modes of attendance inputs
    • Clear dynamic attendance policies can be managed from Department to Department along with different shifts and compensation policies


  • Improved accuracy and efficiency in OT payments
  • Time savings for Sr. Doctors in charge and Head of Labs in planning their team’s work
  • Streamlined attendance and compensation reporting
  • Elimination of the need for multiple applications with one solution
  • Enhanced transparency and manageability in attendance tracking and reporting

Our Time and Attendance solution proved to be the right solution by addressing the unique pain points. We provided a web-hosted, all-in-one solution that saved time, enhanced attendance management, and offered a clear compensation reporting system. To know more about how web-hosted Time and Attendance solutions can transform and optimize operations in the hospital industry Contact Us.


Advanced Time and Attendance System with a User-Friendly Application that Improves the Schedules of Training Institution


Our client, a prominent Career Training & Career Building institution, has a long-standing commitment to nurturing maritime talent. With a focus on preparing individuals for successful careers in the maritime industry and sailing, they offer top-quality training programs run by qualified instructors. As they continued to expand their offerings, they faced challenges in efficiently managing attendance, particularly for a growing student base and multiple shifts. The Chief HR Manager recognized the need for a comprehensive time and attendance solution to modernize their processes and eliminate manual errors.

The Problem Outline

The institution’s attendance management relied heavily on manual processes and spreadsheets. With the launch of larger training batches and multiple shifts, tracking attendance became increasingly complex and prone to errors. The key pain points included:

  • Lack of a digital attendance system.
  • Needed implementation of Face Recognition hardware and integrated Time & Attendance (T&A) application.
  • Managing attendance for all three shifts of the organization was challenging.
  • Inefficient handling of permissions.
  • Errors in shift allocation due to manual follow-ups.
  • Transitioning from spreadsheet-based attendance to digital Time & Attendance with Face Recognition Devices.
  • The Chief HR Manager understood that addressing these challenges was crucial to maintaining the institution’s high standards and ensuring smooth operations.

The Solution Summary

To tackle these issues head-on, our client opted for an Advanced Time and Attendance System with a user-friendly application. The solution included:

  • Implementation of a digital Attendance Application with Face Recognition
  • A dedicated online platform to efficiently manage shifts based on predefined rules.
  • Real-time monitoring and instant dashboard reports for live updates.
  • Dynamic attendance policies tailored to different staff categories.
  • Streamlined management of overtime compliance to avoid penalties.

This comprehensive solution aimed to automate and simplify attendance tracking while ensuring data accuracy and policy compliance.


Error Reduction: Manual errors in attendance tracking were virtually eliminated, enhancing data accuracy.

Shift Management: The institution successfully managed attendance across all three shifts, for attendees and staff, reducing allocation errors.

Improved Efficiency: The new tracking system streamlined attendance processes, saving time and effort for HR personnel.

Overtime Compliance: The institution achieved improved compliance with regulations, avoiding penalties and notices.

Web-Based Access: The web-based application allowed both internal and external access, promoting flexibility and accessibility.

Integration: The Time & Attendance Application seamlessly integrates with various market devices and payroll ERP systems.

Mobile Accessibility: The availability of a mobile app further enhanced accessibility and convenience for users in the organisation.

The shift to a digital solution improved accuracy and also enhanced efficiency and compliance. Institution is now backed by a modern attendance management system that ensures precise record-keeping, timely decision-making, and seamless integration with payroll systems. The Chief HR Manager’s vision for a more efficient and error-free attendance system has been realized, thanks to the Timecheck software. To know more about Timecheck Contact Us.


Time & Attendance Management Software for Valve Manufacturing Industry


Client owns an integrated valves manufacturing unit catering a broad range of industries including Plumbing, HVAC, Fire-Fighting, Power, Oil & Gas, Steel & Mining, Boilers, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals & Fertilizers, LNG, Cryogenic & Marine.

Problem Outline

They needed an effective Time & Attendance Management, Shift Management, Overtime Compliance Tracking Solution to capture attendance for a large workforce. They want the attendance tracking software with all necessary features to adhere their internal practices and keep the team on track, well organized and productive.

Solution Summary

Automated Timesheet

We provided them our Timecheck software –a latest time tracking software system that is designed for today’s dynamic workforce, to automate and precisely track your team’s time. It offers real-time access to data, providing businesses greater visibility and flexibility in managing employee schedules. This function allows employees manage shifts and overtime schedules etc in the way they feel most comfortable, easily manage clear dynamic attendance policies with differential shifts and comp-off policies

Mobile workforce time tracking

Mobile app enablement turns employee’s Android or iOS Phone into a mobile attendance tracking system, with this HR manager can capture mobile workforce employees time and location on each contractor sites. Integration of mobile app with the web application of Time & attendance helped their HR team manage the deployed employees time count at each location.

Attendance Tracking with Mobile GPS

To eliminate potential time theft, you can even set up a digital geofence around your workplace, so that employees can only clock-in or out from that area. This particular data was very useful for the HR to client to see how much time is spent exactly on a specific project or client, as well it’s useful for billing and invoicing purpose.

Streamlined Payroll Processing

Our Timecheck, time & attendance software application is compatible with various biometric, face devices at the entry/exit areas of the premises. Without manual intervention attendance report can be taken as an output from the device in a specific format that can be imported to payroll ERP software.


  • Stops fraudulent time practices & improves productivity by 23%
  • Helps manage absences in Shifts & improves resource availability
  • Facilitates reporting in real time & saves operational cost by 37%
  • Reduces compliancy risks & stay compliant


Boosting Attendance Policy Adherence with an Advanced Time & Attendance Tracking Software Application Improves Worker’s Productivity


Client is a leading fastener manufacturer & exporter in India. With over 4 decades in the industry they deliver standard products to a wide and varied clientele, including many MNCs. Their vision is to keep their product portfolio evolving with the changing needs of industrial sectors they serve.

Problem Outline

They did not have a system in place to integrate the attendance shift based policy along with the Hardware device punches. Moreover, centralizing their attendance with face station & multiple units, managing shifts & overtime manually got production manager time involved each time to confirm OT hrs. Also, manual shift allocation took 4 days’ time for 2-member team and accuracy level too was only around 83%.

To overcome this time-consuming process and bring in accuracy one significant step they decided to take up is implement advanced attendance management software to manage their attendance policies and eliminate manual timekeeping methods, also address issues such as absenteeism and tardiness, which can negatively impact productivity.

 Solution Summary

Our solution was modular and focused on their business needs. We customized our Time & Attendance software product to adhere their attendance rules configured and streamline shift creation process by overcoming the shortfalls they faced previously.

They needed to maintain the overtime working hours separately apart from regular shifts, our advanced attendance tracking software enabled them to maintain it easily in real time with great visibility to policy compliance and paved way to avoid industry penalties which in turn saved then 32% of extra spent cost.

Quick dashboard reports with live updates reduced the risk of errors. frees up production manager time to focus on more strategic tasks, such as quality control and production planning.

Integration of mobile app can be used to communicate with employees about shift schedules and changes. Managers can use mobile devices to send messages to employees, providing them with important information about their shift schedules.


  • As the Time & Attendance Application is compatible with all face recognition and biometric devices client was able to eliminate the need for their businesses to continually purchase new devices as technology advances.
  • Mobile integration in attendance software was incredibly helpful for shift management. Real-time tracking, remote access, alerts and notifications, improved communication and increased accuracy
  • Automated time keeping reduced the risk of non-compliance with labor laws and the potential penalties that come with it.
  • By addressing attendance issues promptly, businesses can improve worker productivity and minimize the impact of absenteeism on production targets.

With advanced attendance software, businesses can achieve their production targets and stay competitive. Contact Us to Schedule a Demo and to learn more about how Timecheck attendance software can benefit your business.


Timecheck Software Helps Manage Employee Overtime Compliance & Avoid Penalties


The client does stainless steel flexible hose pipe manufacturing as per their client’s specifications and requirements. They are aiming to choose an Attendance Management System to meet all advanced workforce management needs and ensure compliance with overtime laws.

Problem Outline

As every manufacturing facility has a high demand for accurately tracking employee hours and overtime, our client too had and so they approached us for adopting end to end attendance tracking solution for following pains.

  • They found challenge in tracking workhours of employees moving between different workstations or job duties.
  • Need a custom time software to handle complex shift schedules, and track early entry / exit times of employees.
  • Managing employee overtime hours is subject to numerous labor regulations, including overtime rules was challenging.

Solution Summary

After considering their needs, we provided them with our Timecheck software that integrates well with various biometric / face recognition devices.

  • Now this centralized attendance solution helps manage employee shift pattern, overtime planning, outside duty tracking etc seamlessly for employees in both the Head office & work stations.
  • With multi-level staff categories, we could set dynamic attendance policies and help them avoid Industry penalties.
  • Further to this, an integrated mobile app is available along with web applications to track employees who went out for on duty.

With timecheck software client could easily allocate onduty for employee and also manage approval to it. The data driven approach here help to gain crucial staff information precisely. Following this process helped their HR workers to calculate the working hours that support in the payroll calculation of employees


  • Saves you time & money by expanding efficiency
  • Permits you to set rules for attendance deviations
  • Captures employee image & validates identity to mark attendance
  • Supports managing the time of remote or home-based teams using a mobile version
  • Helps calculating precise overtime as per the statutory regulations.

To learn more about recent developments with Timecheck software, Check Out recent blogs here!


Centralize Attendance System Opens up Visibility Round the Clock & Saves 38% of Time Spent Monthly


Client is one of India’s largest sugar manufacturer producing premium quality multi-grade sugar for use across industries. The team strives towards making the company listed as one of the top companies in the world by harnessing strengths.

Problem Outline

HR department has to overcome multiple challenges with respect to Employee Leave & Attendance Management

  • Need to eliminate unexpected delays in leave approvals, reduce inefficiencies in leave transactions, and avoid financial leakages due to unnoticed leave transactions.
  • Get insights about the availability of right skilled person in a specific time-period
  • Regularize attendance and save time spent on queries post salary pay out

Solution Summary

We provided them our time & attendance management software to effectively manage their leave application process and make well-informed decisions on approval / rejection of leaves. With this one stop solution in place they could overcome leave compliance issues and gain high transparency in employees leave management process.

The centralized data repository for keeping leave records helped them to take control of team’s leave transactions. By facilitating HR team to view attendance records in real time, we helped the organization streamline management of employee leave, attendance, permissions, breaks and overtime working hours. Now line managers are able to seamlessly manage leave transactions and see to non-availability dashboards and plan for team allocation.


  • Customizable & comprehensive leave & attendance reports
  • Easy attendance regularization & weekly work hrs reports
  • Do shift management and leave credit as per policy
  • Helped arrest employee absenteeism and do effective resource management

Visit our website www.timechecksoftware.com & leave us an Enquiry, our team will get in touch with you.


Mobile Based Time and Attendance Solution Saves Overtime Cost Spent


Client is a renowned leader in data and analytics services, they help their clients to operate more efficiently by enabling them harness the power of data & analytics.

Problem Outline

They had Biometric Device installed for Employee Entry & Exit Time Tracking, even then had difficulty to get data specific for example details such as individual employee being late, availed permission, absent, on duty and above all shift schedules.

  • All the blocks inside campus had Suprema Biometric Devices implemented and each block attendance data is taken care by HR Team but gaps occurred in taking the effective attendance data lively.
  • They didn’t have any system to update employees Official Visits, Advance Leave requisitions and approvals handling solution.

Their requirement was easy & error free shift assigning and reporting solution for their daily routines.

Solution Summary

The centralized solution we provided them is modular and focused on core business needs, assisted their employees to update their leaves, permission & on duty requests.

  • This exclusive platform enabled them to view live updates of dashboard reports, manage shift planned and discrepancy headcounts raised against the same.
  • Week off works can be turned to compensatory off on weekdays
  • Clear dynamic attendance policies can be managed with multi levels of staff categories
  • Productivity got improved as production manager need not spend his time every month on team attendance confirmation on Leave / Onduty / Permissions / Overtime Hrs.

Our customized Time and Attendance Application was compatible with the market devices they installed and the monthly report generated was integrated to their payroll ERP system.


Helps save labor costs, eliminating excessive overtime by comparing budgeted hours to actual time worked. Both employees & managers can get benefitted as you could track hrs in realtime no matter when they work, you could track everything including overtime.

To discover more on how our solutions has helped different vertical customers Contact Us.


Centralizing the Attendance System & Managing Multiple Units Made Easy


A leading pharma distributor company in India giving best value to stakeholders through quality products and consumer oriented services. They wanted to invest in software that can increase their efficiencies and support them achieve incremental improvements to attract employees.

Problem Outline

They had challenges/gaps in taking live attendance data, when employees are doing extension and continuing the working after shift, further they identified productivity going down with the resources, when production manager gets involved every month with team attendance confirmation for OT Hrs and gaps in multiple break timings by individuals. One another difficulty they faced was, getting mistakes in doing the allocation of shift when patterns wise for a week need to allocated are getting raised due to manual follow-up. They wanted to have the solution for the following

  • Manage multiple unit attendance as centralized option
  • Manage multiple shifts, where various night shift timings need is to be taken care
  • Seamlessly manage the On duty, Leave and Permissions systematically

Solution Summary

We provided them our Centralized attendance tracking software compatible with various market devices.  With Zk Teco device integration tracking shift management across different units in real time was made possible.

This exclusive Time & Attendance platform enabled them to

  • View live dashboards reports, as well as manage their shift timings and discrepancies raised against the same.
  • Easily manage dynamic attendance policies for multilevel staff categories immediately as Live Update
  • Overtime Compliance can be easily managed, productivity can be meet, and there by industry penalties
  • Mobile app integration with Time & attendance web application puts an end to the challenges faced


  • Tailor made solution specific for business needs
  • Integration to any payroll ERP system was enabled
  • Centralized solution saves operational cost by 36%
  • Overtime extra spent cost will be avoided and lets way to save upto 16%
  • Improve user management and visibilty by 35%
  • Improve productivity and benefits by 27%

For any other query, feel free to Contact Us. We can support with cutting-edge software for best results.


Centralizing Attendance Management helped Manufacturing Industry Client Save Time & Improve Shift Planning


The client is the largest manufacturer of Edible Oils. With 2000 employees they strive to leverage best practices for a better-quality final product.

Problem Outline

The client was in need of a solution to assist them to overcome the following challenges they faced

  • Unable to manage multiple unit attendance as a centralized option
  • Difficult to manage Multiple shifts & different shift timings they follow for each unit
  • Leave & permission management need to be managed systematically

Reduce production manager’s time going for team’s OT hrs confirmation month on month.

Solution Summary

We customized our standard product to meet up their specific requirement, though all the blocks in their campus had Anviz & Essl combined Biometric devices they had gaps in capturing the attendance of employees working in night shifts and also for previous shift employees continuing the next shift.

  • We centralized attendance tracking of multiple units possible with Anviz and eSSl device integration.
  • Our exclusive platform enabled Hr Managers to plan employee shift, manage attendance to allocated shift & raise any discrepancy that occurred in Headcounts, and get live updates instantly from the dashboard as reports.
  • Dynamic attendance policies for multi-level staff categories can be managed seamlessly
  • Overtime compliance can be easily managed and so industry penalties can be avoided


  • Centralized Implementation of solutions done for multilevel category employees in different Units
  • Saves Operational costs by 37%
  • Ensures 100% Customer Satisfaction Level
  • Overtime extra spent cost will be avoided and it saves up to 23%
  • Improved user management and visibility by 35%
  • Improved productivity and benefits by 28%If you are facing challenges / Gaps in your current employee attendance monitoring or you would purchase a Time check Attendance Management software solution, then leave an Enquiry to book a free demo.


Effective Employee Shift Management and Overtime Management System Will Improve the Time Saving up to 35%

Advance your Shift Planning through Auto Shift option for Executives, which Improves the HOD’s Production plan and Deliverable Forecast.

The Client

The client is a manufacturer of cement of different types was seeking a solution in their Time & Attendance System for their Employee. They approached us for software application to handle Shift Scheduling & Management and Overtime management at their cement production plants.

Business Requirement

Timecheck executives had a discussion with the client to understand the pain-points, requirements and challenges the client were facing in their time and attendance system at their cement factories. They were unable to manage the continuous working shift and specifically if it continued into the Night Shift. Besides this, they needed to manage the Leave and Permission systematically to manage employee wages and salaries correctly.

Using a centralized attendance system, they needed to implement their shift-based attendance rules automatically at different cement plants. Shift allocation and attendance follow-ups was difficult to maintain. Allocation of permission hours was also not in proper adherence. An application was needed to track worked hours, which is not available in their present system to help the HOD’s production plans and deliverables forecast.

Solution Provided

We had a solution which is modular and focused on the client’s core business needs. The solution needed to provide records if an employee continues to work after the shift allotted, based on instructions from their manager. Then the next 8 hours need to be taken as another shift or the Overtime payment should be based on single hour payment. The software module will be able to maintain the various organization policies based on their experiences. Advanced Shift Planning through Auto Shift option for employees will improves the HOD’s Production plan and Deliverable Forecast.

All the factory blocks inside the premises have eSSL biometric devices implementation in place and each block’s attendance data is taken care by the HR Team. But some gap is occurring on taking up effective attendance data live, especially when an employee is doing Night Shift work and if the previous shift employees continue to Next Shift there is no system to handle the scenario. This has been sorted out with customization in our module. Productivity no longer gets affected as the production manager need not get involved every month for attendance confirmation of the OT Hours. Mistakes in shift allocation due to manual follow-up is eliminated.

Centralized attendance with eSSL device integration and multiple units is made possible with the solution. We provided an Exclusive Platform to manage the Shift Planning and Discrepancy Headcounts raised against the same; also quick dashboard reports for the same generated immediately as Live Update. Clear dynamic attendance policies can be managed with multi levels of staff categories. Overtime Compliance can be easily managed and helps to avoid industry penalties.


  • Centralized Implementation of solution is now possible
  • Implementation with 25,000 active employees with one client possible
  • Saves Operational Cost by 36%
  • Ensuring 100% Customer Satisfaction level
  • Overtime extra spent cost will be avoided and it saves up to 26%
  • Improve user management and visibility by 35%
  • Improve productivity and accrued benefits by 28%


Client Testimonial

“We found the application very helpful to monitor and manage employees’ shift and overtime hours without any mix-up”.

      • IT Manager